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The Shield or the Weapon

He said…. I want to talk about Codes of Conduct (CoC).  Both how they’re made and how they’re enforced.  Now, I am occasionally blessed with a small bit of self-knowledge so right now I am mentally hearing no small number of folks taking a sharp inhale of breath before continuing to read.  Stick with it, […]

Welcome to Copious Free Time

Can't say "No", can you? Neither can we. Work, more work, science fiction fandom, conventions, travel, "projects", sports, friends, life....it takes time. A lot of time. Our lives are very full and it's hard to keep from making them even more full. It's like a very specialized ADD. Need something new from us? "OH! SHINY!" This website and the fanzine that releases through it are dedicated to all the various ways we overspend our time.

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