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This site is primarily focused on things related to releasing a fanzine called Copious Free Time.  If your sense of sarcasm is not completely disabled, you should have a sense of what the fanzine is based around.  The ‘zine will publish semi-regularly (as regularly as our insanely busy lives will allow).  Content on this site will be a mix of articles from the ‘zine as well as some content generated entirely for the web (as controlled by whatever flights of whimsy are driving our brains that day).

All of the people editing this ‘zine and most of the people submitting material for it spend a lot of their (copious) free time running science fiction conventions.  As such, while “being busy” is a theme for us, science fiction fandom is possibly even a larger theme.

You might be thinking to yourself: “Self, how did this fanzine come to be?”

Good thing you asked!  We have a story.  To protect the innocent, all names have been changed to “Bob”.  Really…that’s enough to protect us, nobody could peer through that iron cloak of anonymity.  So anyway, the story goes like this….we find Bob(1) and Bob(2) having dinner one night while attending Bob(3)con, mostly to discuss their work on Bob(4)con.

Bob(1): We should totally start a fanzine!

Bob(2): What…in our *copious* free time?

Bob(1): (gesticulating wildly) That’s it!  That’s the name!

Bob(2): Oh lord, what have I done?

Bob(1): We should totally make Bob(5) and Bob(6) edit it with us, make it a whole team effort!

Bob(2): Oh yeah, good luck with that.


A short while later, we find ourselves back at Bob(3)con

Bob(1): Hey, Bob(5)!  We’re starting a fanzine, it’s called “Copious Free Time”!

Bob(5): Heh, that’s pretty funny…who’s the “We”?

Bob(1): Me, you, Bob(2) and Bob(6).

Bob(5): I already *have* a fanzine, Bob(7)zine!

Bob(1): Well, now you have two, and since I am obviously the most important person ever and you’re doing this one with me, you will need to list this ‘zine first on all your future bio blurbs.

Bob(5): OK, sure Bob(1), that is *exactly* what I will do.  Let me know how it goes telling Bob(6).


Bob(6) was not *at* Bob(3)con, so now we pull out the cellular…

Bob(6): Hello?

Bob(1): Hi!  It’s Bob(1)!

Bob(6): Good to hear from you, hope you’re enjoying Bob(3)con.  Are you, Bob(2) and Bob(5) making headway on all your Bob(4)con tasks?

Bob(1): Yeah, yeah, sure!  But first, I need to tell you we’re starting a fanzine!  It’s called “Copious Free Time”!

Bob(6): OK, that’s pretty funny, but you have a lot to do for Bob(4)con.  Who is “we”?

Bob(1): Me, you, Bob(2) and Bob(5)!

Bob(6): Oh, look…there’s Bob(8) with dinner.  Talk to you on the next Skype.  <click>


Not disheartened at all, Bob(1) proceeds to tell others about the fanzine…

Bob(1): We’re starting a fanzine!

Bob(9): In your *copious* free time!

Bob(1): YES!  YES!  That’s it!

Bob(9): What is it, you psychopath?!

Bob(1): “Copious Free Time” is the name of the fanzine.

Bob(9): OK, that’s pretty funny.


Thus it was born, and here you are!

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