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Introduction to being “Bob’d”.

The purpose of the site and accompanying fanzine is to try to make sure that we salvage some good from our collective mistakes, errors, gaffes, nightmares, punishments, flea circuses, tragedies, SNAFUs, and occasional triumphs.  This means it’s far more important to deal with what occurred than who did it.  It’s not that there’s no value […]

Facebook Connection Now Live!

Our Facebook page is now live and connected to the website.  We also have Twitter that will also publish to both.  Oh!  We’re so socially connected!

A New Website / Fanzine is Born!

So, well, here’s the first post on the website (which is now *mostly* configured).  Our new fanzine (Copious Free Time) will be publishing here.  It may come out monthly, it may come out weekly, but eventually it will come out.  Currently there’s not a lot to see of any value except, perhaps, the story of […]

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