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The Shield or the Weapon

He said…. I want to talk about Codes of Conduct (CoC).  Both how they’re made and how they’re enforced.  Now, I am occasionally blessed with a small bit of self-knowledge so right now I am mentally hearing no small number of folks taking a sharp inhale of breath before continuing to read.  Stick with it, […]

Succeeding Beyond Imagination

In 1999, I got my first job ever on a convention.  I was the chairman of Capricon, a not-quite-thousand-person literary SF convention in Chicago.  I have a lot of stories about this particular convention that can be of interest to convention runners, but the one I will focus on today is how I (accidentally) and […]

Remembering Bob Weinberg

Bob Weinberg left us yesterday.  There may be many folks out there that don’t know the name, but I think you should. Each year the committee hosting the Worldcon is authorized, should they choose to do so, to present a special award during the Hugos.  For Chicon 7 when we thought about who it might […]

Ode to Nick Pirandello and Bob Wilson

Note: This article originally appeared in issue 300 of The Drink Tank. So, I love bad film. I mean, *really* love it. Not film that’s poorly made or executed…but film that sized itself up against the jocks and popular folks in high school and said “yeah, that’s never going to be me” and just picked […]

Wrapping Up The Chicago In 2012 Worldcon Bid

(or, “Crackpot financing schemes and why we love them just as much as we hoped we would”) Note: This article was originally published in Progress Report #1 for Chicon 7 So, everyone reading this remembers that Chicago ran for the 2008 Worldcon and lost, right? Lost by 12 votes, right? Out of like 1600 votes […]

Under The Skin – Film

I saw a trailer for this film with Scarlett Johansson and it looked intriguing.  At least partially since it was already out of theaters and I hadn’t heard of it.  The trailer, however, did seem to promise something that was at least visually interesting (and not just due to the actress).  This got me to phone […]

Introduction to being “Bob’d”.

The purpose of the site and accompanying fanzine is to try to make sure that we salvage some good from our collective mistakes, errors, gaffes, nightmares, punishments, flea circuses, tragedies, SNAFUs, and occasional triumphs.  This means it’s far more important to deal with what occurred than who did it.  It’s not that there’s no value […]

Amsterdam, We Are In You!

This weekend is Smofcon 29, held this year in Amsterdam.  It’s a convention focused on running conventions which is an exercise in recursion that tickles my programmer nature.  So here I am, spending a lot of time and money to talk about how to spend more time and money in the future.  Does that define […]

Facebook Connection Now Live!

Our Facebook page is now live and connected to the website.  We also have Twitter that will also publish to both.  Oh!  We’re so socially connected!

A New Website / Fanzine is Born!

So, well, here’s the first post on the website (which is now *mostly* configured).  Our new fanzine (Copious Free Time) will be publishing here.  It may come out monthly, it may come out weekly, but eventually it will come out.  Currently there’s not a lot to see of any value except, perhaps, the story of […]

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