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Lessons learned from the FANtastic Detroit Fund

The FANtastic Detroit Fund was Detcon1’s crowd-funded program to provide free memberships to needy fans who would not otherwise be able to attend. Every $55 donation added one membership to the pool, with Detcon1 matching the first 10 memberships received. We also accepted donations of existing attending and supporting memberships. Supporting memberships were upgraded to […]

The Full “Chris Garcia”

Although I do enjoy a good whiskey or rye, I am seldom drunk when I agree to do stuff. There has been one of two times when I’ve agreed to things while in a state of pure inebriation, like the zine dedicated to the show Archer called DangerZone!, but mostly, I’m stone cold sober when […]

Amsterdam, We Are In You!

This weekend is Smofcon 29, held this year in Amsterdam.  It’s a convention focused on running conventions which is an exercise in recursion that tickles my programmer nature.  So here I am, spending a lot of time and money to talk about how to spend more time and money in the future.  Does that define […]

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