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Introduction to being “Bob’d”.

AnonymousThe purpose of the site and accompanying fanzine is to try to make sure that we salvage some good from our collective mistakes, errors, gaffes, nightmares, punishments, flea circuses, tragedies, SNAFUs, and occasional triumphs.  This means it’s far more important to deal with what occurred than who did it.  It’s not that there’s no value in making sure other folks know who has been a bad actor in your experience…it’s just that for this project we’ve decided that is not an area we want to engage in.  We want to focus on experience and lessons in hopefully engaging and amusing manners.


Towards that end, the editors will sometimes “Bob” an article.  That is, to take out the names of some people, conventions, facilities, and other companies….and replace them with the name Bob.  Even when an article is Bob’d, we may not Bob every single name/company/convention listed in the article…we’ll use our editorial judgment to try to limit it to situations where we feel it’s necessary to keep focus on the experience and lesson.  For an example of Bobbing gone wild, you can check out our About page.


When the editors decide to Bob an article, any comments that work to reverse that process and “out the Bob” will be themselves Bob’d.  Commenters who persist in this behavior may be barred from commenting at all.

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